“This service was invaluable! The experience of working with IMMPOWER for my application made me feel far more confident with submitting my final application and far more reassured that I hadn't missed anything crucial. As someone who thought I kind of knew what I needed and had read all of the supporting document info online, and had been getting the documents together etc., having the advice and guidance from IMMPOWER on those small details, the extra documents & explanations that no one tells you that you need and that can make the biggest difference between a final yes and a no was fantastic. I am so much more confident in my application having had IMMPOWER'S support and construction of each of the documents I submitted, specific advise relating to each of my documents & my application and ruled out so much of the uncertainty and confusion of the application process. ”

“Hi Brooke, I wanted to let you know that finally my application for Permanent Residency has been approved!! I’m so happy 😁 🥳 I’ve submitted my details for the PR card today. I wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for all your help along the way. Your support gave me confidence through the final stages of my application and the tools you provided where very helpful. Wish you all the best! ”

“Hi Brooke, Just emailing with some exciting news… I received my eCoPR today and my PR card is being sent out in the mail!!! Much quicker than I thought it would be and it’s a huge relief that everything went so smoothly. Thanks for all of your help! ”

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